Torch Lake Fireworks


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Drone Rules and Safety

2024 Torch Area Association Fireworks Safety Plan for Drone’s      

This policy is in partnership with the following organizations:  Helena Township, Antrim Sheriff Dept, DNR, STL Fire Dept, STAA, Antrim Marine, State Police Dept, Kalkaska Sheriff and Zambelli Fireworks.

  • The Helena Township Ball Park will be partially restricted July 3, 2024 from 8AM until 8:30PM. The STL Fire Dept. will mark a 100′ safety zone radius (within the park for the purpose of staging the event) using temporary fence posts and barrier tape. Police Dept. will assist with enforcement.
  • Drone operators must maintain a safe distance from the staging site safety zone on land and in the air.
  • After 8:30PM when the park is clear of debris and fireworks/barges are moved the park will be open to the public.
  • During transport of the barges from staging location to firing location and during the fireworks show, drone operators must maintain a safe distance on water and in air.
  • Firing location (barge’s) will have a 500-foot safety zone perimeter. Marine patrol departments will maintain this safety zone on the water. Various departments will assist with enforcement.
  • Drone activity for staging, area, transport and firing location will be monitored by Drone Sky Defender with live feeds shared with law enforcement.